Car Donation In Oregon, OR
What You Need To Know

Car donation Oregon, OR - How to donate your car in Oregon, OR

If you want to help out charity through car donation, Oregon has a number of opportunities for you.

But it’s also important that you check the rules and regulations in Oregon before you just drive up to a charity and hand over your keys to the staff.

We have provided all the answers to the most questions to those looking to make a car donation in Oregon.

1. What Can You Donate In Oregon, OR?

If you have a used car that you want to give to charity, that’s a good start.

However, you aren’t limited to standard cars, trucks, RVs and SUVs in Oregon. You can donate a wide variety of vehicles, including but not limited to snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, planes, boats (see boat donation), trailers and essentially any sort of vehicle that is legal to use in the United States.

Discuss With Your Charity

If there’s ever a doubt about your donation vehicle, just call the charity and ask whether or not they’re willing to accept your donation before you bring it in.

2. How To Release Liability Of Your Vehicle?

When you have a car for donation in Oregon you have to make sure that you’re released from all liability, which is the legal concept that says you’re responsible for damages or injuries that result when you are the registered titleholder of a  car.

You need to have the title to the vehicle, and you need to make sure that title is transferred to the charity, complete with all of the charity’s information to identify it as the new owner.

What You Must Do

To do this you need to:

For more information on title transfer and liability rules as they apply to donating or gifting a vehicle in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Additionally, we recommend checking the website for more information about vehicle titles and transfers in Oregon.

3. What Documents You Need To Donate?

Even if you donate a junk car to charity, since these cars don’t technically have to be in working order, you still need to have the proper paperwork.

And unless you’re donating a snowmobile, manufactured home, ATV or a boat, you need to have the vehicle title before you can donate it to charity.

Obtaining Duplicate or Replacement Vehicle Titles

If you don’t have your title, or if you need to get a replacement title, you will need to download Form 735-515, Application For Replacement Vehicle Title  from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website.  The site provides all the information you require to acquire a replacement vehicle title in Oregon.

The site also gives you the contact information for DMV branch officesthroughout the state, which allows you to go to the closest one to get your new title.

4. Where Can You Donate Cars In Oregon?

Charity auto auctions or a state auto donation program are good places to donate your car, but you need to make sure, before you donate, that the organization you’re giving your car to is an accepted, 501(c)(3) charity.

If it isn’t you may not be able to claim a tax deduction when you donate your vehicle. As such you should check the list provided by the Better Business Bureau and before you donate your vehicle. You will be able to find a comprehensive list of charities in all towns, cities and counties in Oregon:

  • Albany
  • Ashland
  • Baker City
  • Bend
  • Corvalis
  • Eugene
  • Klamath Falls
  • La Grande
  • Medford
  • Pendleton
  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Springfield

Once you’ve chosen your charity simply contact the organization and ask where in Oregon state you can drop off your donation.

Auto Donations In Nearby States

The IRS in its official publication for donors (see IRS Publication 4303), does not restrict vehicle owners in terms of where you might donate your vehicle.

As Oregon is a large state, it may be more convenient for you to donate your car in a nearby state depending upon your location.

5. How To Maximize Your IRS Tax Reduction?

When you donate a car for an IRS tax deduction you typically get the value of the gross proceeds of the vehicle.

Can You Claim Fair Market Value?

However, if you can find a charity that will use your vehicle for a significant period of time before sale (for its own charitable purposes), will give your vehicle away for free, or who will sell your vehicle at a price far below the fair market value (to a needy individual) then you can claim the fair market value of your vehicle on the date you donated it.

Also, if you want to ensure that you get the best value for your donation make all improvements and repairs before you donate it; a vehicle that’s worth more is a vehicle that will sell more, and it will also have a higher fair market value.

6. How To Maximize Your Charity’s Donation?

When you make a charity car donation in Oregon, you’re providing valuable support to a not for profit agency that needs all the help it can get.

As such there are a few simple things you can do to help the charity. Make sure that all repairs have been made and that your vehicle is clean. Don’t allow the charity to pick up the cost of the tow; drop your donation off yourself.

Ask How & Where Your Vehicle Will Be Sold

Also, to make sure that the charity is getting top dollar for your vehicle donation make sure that you aren’t working with a charity that sells vehicles at wholesale prices, but rather at retail prices.

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